mn_mods (mn_mods) wrote in hannahpufflove,

New RP!

Akashic is a new RP that is at times light hearted, somewhat cracky and overall loads of fun. It's very easy to apply and the rules are lax and easy to follow. The point is to just have fun!

After 7 years of school at Hogwarts, the students have finally graduated and they are now ready to move on with their lives.

This is Akashic University of Extended Learning, where students from magical schools all around travel to further their education on many aspects of the Wizarding world.

Whether it’s to become an Auror, a professor, or any other possible careers, all students must attend Akashic University of Extended Learning for an education or professional training.

It’s main purpose is to train witches and wizards for their future careers.

Apply Here!
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