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Velvet Pansy - Ficlet!

*Squees* Okay, I'm so happy to find other people who ship Hannah/Pansy! XD This is a ficlet that demanded to be written. I've been writing fanfic for a couple of years but this is my first foray into Hannah/Pansy. I hope ya'll read, review with any and all feedback (concrit MORE than welcome!) and enjoy!

Title: Velvet Pansy
Author: Kirz, aka augustepiphany
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Hannah/Pansy
Summary: Something sweet, something pretty.

Pansy sat alone under the beech tree, reading a book Daphne had lent her about the Salem witch trials. She was fascinated by history, despite Binns, and often daydreamed about helping make it. Perhaps that’s why she was so enthralled by the Dark Lord and his plan to eradicate Muggles and Mudbloods; whether it was right or wrong no one would ever forget it …

Suddenly she was pulled out of Salem and back to reality when a small flower – she recognised it as her namesake, a pansy – appeared on her page. Picking it up and fingering the deep blue petals, she looked up and around to see where it had come from; a Hufflepuff with long blonde hair and a bounce in her step was walking away from her, glancing over her shoulder. Her green eyes met Pansy’s and she smiled shyly, dropping her eyes, turning away and falling back into step with her friends, who were giggling and nudging her.

Well, Pansy thought, a smile tugging at her own lips as her fingers continued to caress the velvet petals, maybe not all Mudbloods.
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